2019 Predictions Pisces: what you can expect each month


2019 will receive Pisces with many good news in the romantic department, especially for those who start the year single. Venus is an excellent ally for those who seek love, especially intense relationships with future.


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During the next year you should focus on improving communication in all areas of your life. The influence of the moon will mark positive changes. Your health will be good, but you will have to deal with stress and signs of burnout. Avoid a bad posture.


The year begins with hope and confidence. The stars are favorable, in the sense of maintaining their relationship in one of the best moments in which it was already. It’s time to sign and close on an important proposal for you. Beware of certain foods, to avoid stomach problems.


Expect changes at work, more towards the end of the month. Strive to stay focused during these days, because it will be easy to get distracted. Venus will be a precious help in intimate relationships. Take advantage of this good moment, during the month of Valentine’s Day.


The influence of the Moon during March will lead you to distrust the feelings of your partner. The best solution is to communicate, something that natives of Pisces have to improve throughout the year. Good opportunities will emerge at work.


This month is marked by social commitments. You’ll get tired after so many activities and dates. Think about living life more calmly, because it may distract you from your family. You will lose patience at work, but do your best to keep it.


The influence of Neptune on your sign will help you to shine. You will find the emotional balance you both seek and need. Do not forget your partner’s feelings and try to continue betting on a more communicative part of the relationship. Be careful with your diet.


You will have the opportunity to really rest, for the first time in many months. This rest will also contribute to very positive changes: at home, at work and in love terms. It’s your moment, everything is going very well.


In the first half of July, Pluto is not going to be favorable, which means some estrangement from your partner. Try to solve your problems, to avoid irremediable damage in the relationship. If you have a vacation, take advantage to recover from the anxiety you suffered from earlier this month.


The month of August already begins in a much more positive way. This means a new moment for the couple, very positive. Do not forget your friends, they also deserve attention. Try not to lose patience with unimportant things.


For those who are single, there is an opportunity to meet a very special person. If you are in a relationship, they are going to be quite auspicious days to romantic moments. Pay attention to a business proposal made by a friend. If he moves forward, he’ll be fine.


Plus a month of super intense social life. You will not want to miss any event. Watch out for temperature changes so you do not have problems with colds. Your family will go through a complicated economic situation. Do your best to help.


The month of November will be marked by a lot of anxiety and stress. Do not fear, because it is a matter of time and you will have a simple resolution. Try to sleep the necessary hours and relax whenever possible. In the middle of the month a very interesting professional proposal will emerge. The end of the month is the ideal time for change.


You can find your great love in an outing with friends. If you are in a relationship, this is a perfect season to rekindle the flames of passion. Do not fall into the excesses of Christmas, so as not to harm your health. At work, you may have problems with colleagues, so be patient.

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