Astral Guide Aquarius 2020 – 01/20 to 02/18

astral guide aquarius

For the natives of Aquarius, the year 2020 will be full of crucial and important moments for the future. During the course of the year, you will be increasingly focused on your social life and professional goals. Keep in mind that these two components can cross intensely.


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At the beginning of the New Year, you are likely to face some difficulties and challenges, but after the storm comes the sun, you will feel a gentle breeze of freedom crossing your heart, something that will contribute to a year of self-discovery and happiness

2020 for Aquarius in Love

For single Aquarius natives, the desire to consolidate a more serious relationship will come in 2020.

With respect to the committed natives of Aquarius, the new year 2020 will also reaffirm the need to commit and improve intimacy as a couple.

2020 for Aquarius at Work and Money

It will be a year of a job change for Aquarius natives, and it is up to you to change jobs, or just take a new direction and fulfill other dreams.

Prioritize your expenses and be careful with excessive spending. Fulfilling professional dreams can also cost some money.

2020 for Aquarius in Health

Be careful with your health. Because you will face times of intense changes, you must protect yourself so that everything goes well in the New Year.

You have many projects in mind that require dedication. Then, if you feel the need, take a moment and breathe.

Want to know more? Follow the link below and download our Astral Guide for Aquarius in 2020. Make the best decisions for the New Year!

Astral Guide Aquarius 2020

Have a 2020 full of light with My mystic land!

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