Astral Guides 2020

Astral Guides 2020 - Find out what 2020 will look like

Thinking of you, My mystic land has prepared twelve Astral Guides to help you understand this new stage of your life, the year 2020.

The new year will bring new challenges and new obstacles that we must be prepared to make the best of what 2020 has to give.


Free yourself from the weight of negative energy. Discover a lighter path to happiness.

Learn to do it and live in abundance.

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With the help of our guide you will be more aware of the various changes that may occur, and therefore in greater control over your new year.

Make the new year remarkable and profitable when it comes to turning your dreams into reality! 2020 can be a good year to create new routines and start new projects. Astrology dictates trends for your personal year.

Check out ahead and prepare for the challenges and activities you may have to work on in a balanced way throughout the year.

Thinking about each other’s differences, we decided to release an annual forecast for each of the Zodiac Signs. Believe us, several areas of each sign’s life will undergo major changes in 2020 in terms of material and spiritual values.

Know the general trends and reflect on them, because small details can create important opportunities as well as critical changes in your life.

When we prepared the content for each of the twelve Astral Guides, we carefully develop it so that it can be used as a supportive tool in attitudinal planning according to its potential in 2020.

Remember that it’s important to read and interpret your particular trends.

In each of these Astral Guides you will find:

  • Predictions for Love

Description and assessment of your year with specific trends in the love field.

  • Advice on Work and Financial Life

Get access to the trends that are predicted in your career and what your relationship with money will be like.

  • Caring for your Health

This point will guide you in your health care and the signals your body sends when it is at a breaking point.

  • Emotional stability

What will your relationship be like with your circle of friends? With your family members? What leisure activities will appeal most to you? This chapter will outline possible activities and challenges in this field.

  • Opportunities and challenges that may arise

Learn and reflect according to your true essence and what will be most beneficial to you.

  • Personal development with tips to better direct your attitudes towards success

Each of us as human beings has a gift: free will. Each day of our lives, we have the opportunity to develop a unique perception of our own reality and choose what we want to believe. Remember:

I am my best advisor, my own source of inspiration. When I don’t feel aligned, I’ll stop and breathe calmly. Patience and determination will be the source of my success and I will get there. 💪

The concept of happiness is very broad. In fact, each of us defines ourselves as a life project where we idealize the best. That makes you truly happy.

Every day we lie down and wake up with the desire to live positive and happy times. However, each person corresponds to the concept of happiness. Some seek a serene and predictable life, others bet on the unknown and adventure. Learn how astrology can help you find your way.

Know your value, your strength and motivation to live longer and better every day.

2020 starts here! See the astrological predictions of your sign and understand trends so you can reflect on what to do next year.

Check out the complete predictions of your sign:

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Astral Guide Taurus 2020 – 04/20 – 05/20

Astral Guide Gemini 2020 – 05/22 to 06/21

Astral Guide Cancer 2020 – 06/22 to 07/22

Astral Guide Leo 2020 – 07/23 to 08/22

Astral Guide Virgo 2020 – 08/23 to 09/22

Astral Guide Libra 2020 – 09/23 to 10/22

Astral Guide Scorpio 2020 – 10/23 to 11/21

Astral Guide Sagittarius 2020 – 11/22 to 12/21

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