Crystal Ball

Do you need guidance for a situation in your life? Do you have to make a decision and aren’t certain about what to do? Use our Crystal Ball to get the answers you’re looking for. This game, totally free, is based on random answers. You can ask the same question as many times as you wish. Find out what the future holds in matters such as Health, Love, Work and Money.

If this is your first experience, take the time to learn more about this game and what you can do for your wellbeing.

How did the practice of the Crystal Ball come about?

The use of the Crystal Ball in divination practices and exploring the mystical world occurred to the Druids, the priests of the Celtic peoples.

Crystal balls and water balls were some of the instruments used in the practice of magic, something that began to be documented by the Roman naturalist Caio Plinio. Initially, this practice was considered as an expression of black magic and, therefore, condemned.

In the Renaissance, with the discovery and diffusion of documents and books, a new interest arose around the powers of this object and its function in the world of the mystical and the occult.

At this time, begins to be a rationalization of topics such as clairvoyance and Astrology. Something that awakens the curiosity of many to the various occult arts, including the reading of the Crystal Ball.

We are used to imagining those who “read the future”, like a man or a woman with a turban on his head, black eyes, and jewelry. This curious association comes from the development of the arts of clairvoyance on the part of the gypsies, throughout the centuries.

Popular culture has helped to reinforce this stereotype, which does not always correspond to reality. Reading a Crystal Ball can be done in many ways, in different contexts. You just need to believe in your divination powers.

What is the Crystal Ball for?

The crystals are the purest manifestation of energy and light in a physical space. Having the spherical shape, it is the maximum representation of this energy and, therefore, the most effective divination instrument.

How does the Crystal Ball work?

In spite of the great association with magic, the powers of the Crystal Ball reside, above all, in the concentration of energies. It is used to guess the future when interpreting the images that appear on the surface of the crystals.

Every question that arises in your mind reflects your energy. More than a guide, this Crystal Ball game gives you the best advice for your question.

The answer indicates the best position you can take in relation to the question.

Do you have an important decision to make?

Use our Crystal Ball to get the answers you are looking for, about specific situations in your life. Without a limit of use, you can play when and where you need. Find out what the future holds in matters such as Health, Love, Work, and Money.