3 energy cleaning spells for your home

energy cleaning spells

Do you feel that your home has an heavy environment? Do you feel that there are too many negative energies in the air? Learn how to clean your house with these energy spells.

It is normal for negative energies to seep into the physical spaces we occupy. Eliminating these bad vibrations becomes mandatory to restore balance and harmony in the home. Both in the physical and spiritual sense.

Make your home a sanctuary with these energy spells and cleaning rituals for your home.

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Energy cleaning for your home: 3 powerful spells

Salt spell

To perform this spell, simply put salt in the four corners of each room of the house. Let the salt stay there for 48 hours. In this way the negative energy will be absorbed. Very useful if you recently moved to a new house, in order to eliminate the presence of others.

It can also be used at the end of a prolonged period of illness for a resident to restore energy again. When 48 hours have passed, sweep the salt and discard it.

Crystals spell

Use stones and crystals to absorb negative energies. Simply use the pieces as decorative elements where you feel you need it most. Be sure to explore the different properties of each stone and crystal. For and energetic cleansing, black tourmaline is highly recommended.

Doors and windows spell

It is essential to protect the physical entrances of the house, such as windows and doors. This spell helps you keep those spaces and areas properly purified. You will need a bucket of water, the juice of five lemons, a medium glass of water filled with salt and half a cup of white or apple vinegar.

Put on gloves to make this spell. With a cloth, use this mixture to clean all the knobs that exist in your home, even the interiors. In this way, you are also eliminating less good energy left by visitors from your home.

Feel free to end your summer with one of these spells. Prepare yourself and your home for new challenges and new beginnings.

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