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Weekly Horoscope Taurus – January 6th to 12th

Earlier in the week, the influence of Venus in Sagittarius gives Taurus natives a new motivation at a professional and financial level. This is because Venus is the ruler of the Taurus native. You will also notice that your relationships are more harmonious and enter a more stable phase. Consult the weekly predictions for Taurus […]

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Weekly Horoscope Gemini – January 6th to 12th

At the beginning of the week, you will be in working mode, ready for what happens. This is a period to deal with pending bureaucratic issues. There are a large number of factors that can prove your pa[...]

Weekly Horoscope Cancer – January 6th to 12th

You can find some obstacles in your way during the next few days. Which means you're going to have to make choices, both in personal relationships and in professional ones. Do not be afraid to restruc[...]

Weekly Horoscope Leo – January 6th to 12th

An intense week at work is expected for the Leo natives. This is because the Sun ruler joins Pluto. This can lead to some reflection about your current work and the objectives you intend to achieve. Y[...]

Weekly Horoscope Virgo – January 6th to 12th

The best way to express yourself, during this week, is in a creative way. It is worth fighting for the ideals and values in which you believe. During this week you will have good news about your famil[...]

Weekly Horoscope Libra – January 6th to 12th

The natives of Libra start the week with renewed hope. With the departure of Venus from Scorpio, Virgo feels the end of an emotionally exhausting period. Take advantage of this good moment to give an [...]