Spell for a healthy and happy pregnancy

If you are pregnant, read and put in practice this interesting spell for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Learn here how to do it. Tranquility and peace should be the two words that best describe a pregnancy. In addition to the usual list of dos and don’ts, which you should not miss with your doctor, […]

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Spell for Mother’s Day: love and protection

Mother's Day has arrived. There is no better time to be thankful for everything our mothers do for us and ask for protection for them. Being a mother is popularly nicknamed as the [...]

Spell for a happy and prosperous Easter

Easter is a period of renewal and rebirth. It’s the ideal period to reflect and think about your growth and prosperity. Keep reading, for a spell for a happy and prosperous Easter. [...]

Spell for personal and spiritual protection

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel lost and spiritually abandoned? This spell is for you. It is normal that there are moments in our lives when we feel stuck and lost in t[...]