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The Aquarius sign is the last of the triplicity of the air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). It represents the maximum exponent of creativity. To do things again, with a new approach. This sign doesn't tolerate the lack of originality. This means that Aquarians don't deal well with routine and authority. Being creative means freedom. To think, to materialize, to do it again and try new solutions. No grids or external impositions that don´t understand or accept. The power of the water, symbol of this native, symbolizes the constant movement. The purity of emotions. True feelings and actions. These are also some of the strongest personality characteristics of those who are ruled by this sign.

Lapis Lazuli

The Aquarius sign is the eleventh of the Zodiac and the last of the triplicity of the air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). It is the sign of creativity, the vanguard, progress, the constant eagerness for novelty and the acquisition of new knowledge. Aquarius is a citizen of the world, without borders. Where the ideas that flow feed your insatiable need to know more.

What do you value most about an Aquarian? The freedom. The originality. But he knows that we are not always truly free. For him, it only exists when he is free to think and to love. Without restrictions, hurdings imposed by society. Dreaming, loving, imagining, thinking without limits. This is true freedom.


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Positive and optimistic people, even when life becomes difficult, they rarely lose hope. When taken to the extreme, they can become obstinate and unpredictable. Whoever lives closely with a person of this sign, knows well what this statement means.

Astral Guide Aquarius 2020

Presence and personality of the Aquarius sign

Aquarians need air. To live and to be happy. However, this constant search for their concept of freedom can make them become stubborn and less tolerant of other people’s ideas. Independents, they tend to believe in their own concepts and reject opinions from others.

Their great need for independence can make it difficult for them to commit to a more serious relationship. This does not mean that they doubt about their own feelings, but rather that they value their space so much that may not be available to abdicate it in favor of a relationship.

In friendship, Aquarians are understanding and very close friends. As he doesn’t like formalities, he easily starts a conversation with strangers. Lively and agile, he is an excellent companion for long conversations and party entertainer.

Aquarius and Love

The natives of this sign are romantic and, at the same time, cautious people. They love freedom, even when they are in love. They tend to codly analyze their emotions and don’t give in easily.

Even though they are faithful towards a commitment, they associate it with sacrifice and changes in their lifestyle. Their personality can be a problem in romantic relationships, what means that they can stay single or collect a series of short relationships.

The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman needs freedom and friends to be happy. When she falls in love, she is loyal and an excellent partner. But she can’t live with strings attached. For her, true happiness is in her social network. Having a partner by her side is more of a person with whom she can do certain things, but not the only one.

Inconstant and dedicated to different interests, she needs to be free to dedicate herself to her personal activities. Routine and inertiaia can end any relationship. Just as she need to be trusted, she also have complete confidence in the partner she choose. Scenes of jealousy and emotional dramas are not for her.

When the relationship does not evolve, she quickly decides to separate. Doesn’t look back. She does not reconsider it again. After all, she is not afraid to walk alone, in the company of her friends.

The Aquarius Man

Aquarians like everyone. Everyone can be friends. But when it comes to love it is different. It is not just any personality that appeals to this man. He does not like to reveal his feelings and the more distant and disinterested he seems, he must be attracted.

Cautious and independent, he will need several proofs and phases to commit. As he is a group man, who plays as a team, he is an excellent partner. Well-disposed, sociable and not very close to routine, it will always bring newness to the relationship.

When he decides to commit to a more serious relationship, he need to keep his friends close. He never dispenses his own company. He needs activities outside the relationship, to cultivate his vast interests. Mutual trust is essential once he cannot live without freedom.

Most compatible signs with Aquarius: Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aquarius in Family

For Aquarian parents, the most difficult thing is to deal with unrelated children. Who have a lot of doubts and need emotional support. However, as adults, it is necessary to be aware that each person has their own personality and that children are still discovering their own. Trying to import the aquarium lifestyle to a child can bring some deviations in the relationship between parents and children.

Safety and discipline are important for Aquarius children and parents, although adventurous and independent, should understand this. Despite this, they are involved parents in their children’s lives, always ready to promote their intellectual development and ensure that all conditions are necessary to grow and become responsible and well-succed adults.

Aquarius at work

Professionally, creativity defines the natives of Aquarius. Their solution orientation, the capacity of innovation and ease to communicate reflect it.

Aquarians love new challenges and always try to embrace new projects, so they end up showing motivation, ethics and responsibility. They are intuitive and enjoy teamwork. They seek to find the positive side of all obstacles and strive for justice.

They actually prioritize challenge and learning opportunities over money. Nonetheless, their stubbornness can be compromising, as they can hardly admit they may be wrong or accept opposite opinions.

The words that define the Aquarius sign

All Zodiac signs have a Positive Way and a Negative Way. Knowing the main characteristics associated with each one of them is a way of increasing self-awareness but also of helping to understand the native Aquarius.

Positive way

  • Freedom
  • Hope
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Hard work
  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Humanitarianism
  • Solidarity
  • Friend love
  • Protection
  • Help
  • Independence

Negative way

  • Contestation
  • Aggressiveness
  • Rebellion
  • Nervousness
  • Affective coldness
  • Authoritarianism
  • Breaking rules
  • Failure to recognize authority
  • Eccentricity
  • Radicalism
  • Unpredictability
  • Emotional distance
  • Obstinacy

What the Aquarius sign dislikes

  • Lie
  • Keep secrets
  • Vanities
  • Luxury ostentation
  • Formalisms
  • Hang tags
  • Nostalgia
  • Monotony
  • Authoritarianism
  • Inertia
  • Routine
  • Indolence
  • Difficulty making decisions

Famous people of the Aquarius sign

  • Cristiano Ronaldo was born on february 5th, in 1985. He is a Portuguese football player who plays as a left winger or spearhead. He is considered one of the best athletes of all the time.
  • Virginia Woolf was born on january 25th, in 1882 and died on march 28th, in 1941. She was a British writer, essayist, literary critic and publisher, known as one of the most prominent figures of modernism.
  • Abraham Lincoln was born on february 12nd, in 1809 and died on abril 15th, in 1865. He was an American politician who served as the 16th president of the United States, a post he held from March 4, in 1861 until his assassination on April 15th, in 1865.

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