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The Capricorn natives are responsible and disciplined. They are very secure and mature, in all areas of life. The Earth element justifies its connection to family and professional ambition. They have a slow, but secure ability to achieve what they want. The native of this sign takes the path he chooses for himself, very seriously.

Navy Blue / Brown
Black Tourmaline

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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, being associated with the constellation of Capricorn.

The natives of this sign have a complex character, calm appearance, are controlled and rarely let themselves be shaken by problems. They are intelligent, hard-working and detail-oriented people. Meticulous and perfectionists, the Capricornians are not content with little and patiently accumulate fortunes.

They are determined, ambitious, trustworthy, responsible and present a sarcastic sense of humor. On the other hand, they are lonely, resmungones and tend to be selfish, pessimistic, inflexible and can be a little mean when their trust is betrayed.

The Capricorn in love

In love, they are controlled and delay to recognize that they are in love. When they realize their feelings, they are extremely committed and need peace in the relationship to feel fulfilled. They are pragmatic and dedicated lovers, presenting a need to analyze all parts of the relationship, before taking other steps.

This is not a negative characteristic, because they are very dedicated friends, with an accute sense of humor. However, they have difficulties in forgiving those who hurt them, and forgetting bad moments.

  • Most compatible signs in love: Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The Capricorn at work

The natives of Capricorn have well-defined goals and ambitions, reflecting an attraction for challenging proposals. The honesty and responsibility with which they face challenges are highly valued aspects. They do wha they need to reach their goals and like to reach high positions.

They follow the rules and are happy in organized environments, with structured schedules and hierarchies. One of the symbols of the sign is the goat, for the ability to always keep trying to climb to the top. The traditional and conventional position and mood of Capricorn, is present in all aspects of the professional life. They are also patient, and like to wait for the best opportunities.

The professions particularly related to the Capricorn, are the scientific ones, like mathematician or biologist, those that use analysis or management, as aaccountant or administrator. They are also associated with professions that have to do with land and construction, like architect or contractor.

Famous Capricorns
  • Bradley Cooper, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton


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