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Gemini natives are sensitive, fun and extremely communicative. They are always in motion and love to be intellectually stimulated. They present a highly challenging duality.


The sign Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, and it is associated to the constellation of Gemini.



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The native of Gemini is very communicative and rational but at the same time inconstant, restless and also very curious. It ends up having inside of himself two different personalities, and neither one is ever fully satisfied. They have the ability to balance and harmonize opposing qualities like sensitivity and objectivity, calm and impetuosity, for example.

Still, being a sign of Air, they have a great mental capacity and intelligence, a pure perception of things and a special ability to verbally transmit his state of mind and/or ideas. They are versatile and love to discuss ideas, especially when they know they can win arguments and conflicts.

Gemini in love

Gemini falls in love quickly and does not measure words when it’s time to express feelings and emotions. They like to be intellectually stimulated and need to see and show constant interest. However, they prefer to have an open relationship and some of them are even afraid of commitment.

Geminis tend to be a bit impatient, but at the same time they are caring, kind, and generous, and like to receive gifts and attention. They like the initial process of getting to know somoene, precisely because of the initial flirt, which they consider to be very important. When they find someone stimulating, they don’t give up on them.

  • Signs more compatible with Gemini: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Astral Guide Gemini 2020

Gemini at work

Gemini people own an ingenious and have a mind full of skills. They have the ability to discuss ideas and solve problems quickly and effectively. They are easy to adapt to changes and always look for new and challenging experiences.

They prefer jobs that require them to receive a lot of information, work on a wide variety of topics, and exchange knowledge and ideas with different people. It is common to see a native of Gemini being a journalist, CEO of a large company or trader.

Famous of Gemini

  • Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Anne Frank

The interpretation of these positions is made by the astrologer. The astrologer uses the astral chart, considering the day, month, year, time and place of birth of the profile to be analyzed, to try to understand its nature through the celestial positions.

The record of the celestial positions is represented in the astrological mandala. From there, it is possible to calculate the aspects that form between planets, houses, and signs to generate the analysis.

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