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From July 23rd to August 22nd

The lion symbolizes, among others, power, wisdom and pride. Therefore he is the king of beasts. To meet the symbology of this feline, the leoninos, tend to be caring and generous people. The mythological origin of the sign Leo refers to the legend of Hercules. According to mythology, the first work of Hercules was to kill the Lion of Nemea. It was a huge lion, the son of a sorceress, who terrified people and no one could exterminate. In the end. Juno transformed the Lion of Nemeia into the constellation of Leo as a way of honoring him. Want to know more about this sign? Keep reading.

Eye of tiger

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign, placed between Cancer and Virgo and it is associated with Leo constellation.

It is a sign governed by the sun so they usually are very active and noble. They have a strong vitality inside them and will to obtain everything they want. Very responsible and organized, they like to organize a team or a project and they don’t stop until they reach what they desire.

Very creative, stable, extrovert, optimistic and cheerful: that is what defines them. On the other hand, they tend to be a bit stubborn.

Leo natives usually love kids, parties, theater and the artistic world.

  • Famous Leo: Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Roger Federer, Fidel Castro, Jennifer Lawrence and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Leo and Love:

They tend to be such passionate and loyal partners when it comes to the love business. They quite enjoy being praised and tend to be a bit manipulative. On the other hand, they possess such a strong magnetism, are very sensitive and they feel hurt quite easily and can be a bit tough to forgive and forget.

  • Most compatible signs with Leo:  Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Leo and the House:

Their ideal house atmosphere is very soft, comfortable and they quite enjoy a bit of showing off what they possess. They are usually the hostess of several parties so they tend to have classy and glamorous houses, filled with classical objects,, so they can show them with great pride.


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