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Aquarians are friendly and altruistic. They like to learn from past, plan ahead and fight for worthy causes. However, they tend to be unpredictable. It is said that Aquarians are visionary and revolutionary.

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, associated with the constellation of Aquarius.

Aquarians are loyal, bright and eager to have fun. However, they have some problems dealing with the more practical side of life. They show strong traces of stubbornness, therefore it is not easy to change their ideas.

Their homes have a modern and futuristic ambiance, with abstract decor and rare antique pieces.

The Aquarius represents friendship. There are no such things as jealousy nor possession for them, but only respect for individual spaces and each other’s differences.

The Aquarian matrix of life allows one to admire things not by their resemblance, but by their uniqueness.

Aquarius in love

Aquarians are romantic and cautious at the same time. They love freedom, even when they are in love. They tend to coldly analyze their emotions and do not indulge easily.

Even though they are faithful towards a commitment, Aquarians associate it to sacrifice and changes in lifestyle. Their personalities can be a problem in romantic relationships, which makes them stay single or have short relationships.

  • Most compatible signs with Aquarius: Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aquarius at work

Professionally, creativity defines Aquarians. Their solution orientation, the capacity of innovation and ease to communicate reflect it.

Aquarians are fond of new challenges and look forward to signing up for new projects, so they end up showing motivation, ethics, and responsibility. They are intuitive and like teamwork.

They always try to look for the positive side of their obstacles and cherish justice. They actually prioritize challenge and learning opportunities over money.

Nonetheless, their stubbornness can be compromising, as they can hardly admit they may be wrong or accept opposite opinions.

Famous Aquarius:
  •  Cristiano Ronaldo, Virginia Woolf, Abraham Lincoln.


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