The Chinese Horoscope is represented by 12 animals. According to the Chinese astrology, each animal represents twelve terrestrial branches governed by a twelve-year lunar cycle. People who are born in the same year, belong to the same sign.

The legend goes that the Buddha held a New Year’s celebration and summoned all the animals, but only 12 were present. As a reward for their loyalty, Buddha assigned them, according to their order of arrival, a sign.

The first animal, which corresponded to the Buddha’s call, was the Rat, which is why it is the first sign of the Chinese Horoscope. Then came the Ox, then the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and, finally, the Pig.

The Rat

The Rat   The Rat

The people of the sign Rat are dedicated to family and children. They are hardworking, ambitious people and are very money savvy, they are very careful with the management of their finances. As they look for stimulating things, sometimes, they can commit small infidelities. See more.


The Ox

The Ox  The Ox

The Ox natives are vigorous, robust and stubborn people. They always look for novelty and are intelligent. They are disciplined and organized people. Because they are loyal, it is normal for friends to always have their advice and support. In love, they are sensual, sentimental and passionate. See more.


The Tiger

The Tiger  The Tiger

They are people with great physical and mental strength and are very admired by friends and family. Tiger represents a born leader and manages to impose its authority without being overly authoritarian. In love, Tiger likes to seduce, is romantic, sensitive and charming. See more.


The Rabbit

The Rabbit  The Rabbit

The people of the Rabbit sign, like to have company at all times and create very strong bonds with their friends and family. In love, they are tender, delicate and sentimental people, they love to seduce and be seduced. See more.


The Dragon

The Dragon  The Dragon

The natives of the Dragon sign have a contagious, extravagant and theatrical personality. They are carefree people regarding the opinion of others. They are equipped for business. In love, they move by passion, they are seductive people and they like to express their sensuality. Sex is very important for this sign. See more.


The Snake

The Snake  The Snake

The natives of the Snake sign are curious, calm and intelligent. They are lucid people, are interested in culture and are lovers of art. They have great psychic strength and are interested in the stars. In the field of love, they like to have admirers and, in spite of giving great value to passion, sometimes they become absent. See more.


The Horse

The Horse The Horse

The Horse sign natives have a noble character and do not go unnoticed. They value freedom and need space to continue with their goals. In relationships, they are specialists in love at first sight, they are passionate. See more.


The Goat

The Goat  The Goat

They are affectionate, warm and friendly people. They have the need to feel protected by those closest to them, but they value their independence. They are docile, sensitive people and seek balance. They know how to conquer, but it will not be forever. See more.


The Monkey

The Monkey  The Monkey

The natives of the Monkey sign adore popularity, they are intellectual and very cultured. They are creative, enthusiastic people and have a lot of energy. In love, they are passionate and like to create fantasies, but they have no interest in marriage. See more.


The Rooster

The Rooster  The Rooster

It is a pretty egocentric sign, it likes to be adored. It has a perfect notion of its qualities and is not afraid to exhibit them. In love, they are demanding and difficult to conquer, but in relationships, they are extremely loyal. See more.


The Dog

The Dog  The Dog

The natives of the Dog sign are loyal, they like fidelity and integrity. They are stable and they value the family very much. They are people linked to the past, to their traditions, habits, and values. In love, they are idealistic people, believing in soulmates. See more.


The Pig

The Pig  The Pig

The natives of the Pig sign are gentle, generous and tolerant. They are good listeners and value forgiveness. They are very good people, appreciate harmony and always avoid confrontations. They are very romantic people, fiery and love to live great passions. See more.