Spell for a new beginning in life

spell new beginning in life

Forget your fears and doubts. The time has come to be reborn and give yourself a new opportunity. Learn how, with this spell for a new beginning in life.

There are times when life forces us to stop to reflect on the path you are following. To reflect on the choices we make, the evolution of our daily lives and the state of our happiness and well-being.

The change of life is always positive. It is a way to fight for our happiness. Having the opportunity to be reborn and start over is something that must be protected with all our strength.

However, it is normal for feelings of fears and doubts, to avoid this organic and natural growth. The paralyzing fear that prevents us from taking advantage of this opportunity to start over. Use this spell to start over in life and don’t let your fears paralyze you.

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Spell for a new beginning in life

You will need:

  • 2 white candles;
  • White sheet of paper;
  • Blue pen;
  • Red pen;
  • Rosemary leaves or rosemary oil.

Remember that spells must be performed in moments full of faith and confidence in the success you seek to achieve.

Grease both candles with rosemary oil or rub them with rosemary leaves. Place them on a table, one on the right side and one on the left side of the white sheet of paper. Light only the candle on the left side of the sheet.

On this sheet, you should write all the things you want to disappear from your life. Bad times, negative memories, toxic feelings… After doing so, focus on the candlelight and use it to light the candle on the right side.

Then, with the red pen, cross out the writing and turn the page. On this side you must write what you want to attract in this new beginning in life. Be optimistic and realistic. Let the candles burn to the end and store the paper in a place where no one else can find it.

Keep faith and gratitude as your daily guides in this new beginning.

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