Spell for Mother’s Day: love and protection

mother's day spell

Mother’s Day has arrived. There is no better time to be thankful for everything our mothers do for us and ask for protection for them.

Being a mother is popularly nicknamed as the best, but also the hardest “job” in the world. Mothers deserve our devotion, gratitude and love. On this Mother’s Day, know how you can contribute to the spiritual protection of your mother, as well as to their safekeeping.

To protect and to love, are the two great desires of all children for their progenitors. Take note of the spell that we propose here.

Spell for Mother’s Day

Do you want to strengthen blood ties with your mother? The routine of the day to day, the worries and misunderstandings can often be the cause for an estrangement in the relationship.

But this is the day to leave what is negative behind and celebrate motherhood and the woman who gave us life. For that, use a pot, or something that has a lid. Fill with coarse salt at about halfway. After the salt, add honey and sugar, together, to the top of the pot or the pot. Close with the lid and let it stay outdoors for 5 days. This spell symbolizes the sweetening of the relationship, on a solid and completely natural foundation.

To help your mother be happier, you can also do the following spell: use a candle, of your choice and place it on a small plate. Next, place pink rose petals on the plate as well. When the candle finishes burning, gather the remains of it and the petals, in a cloth bag. Put that bag under your mother’s bed, until she feels better, or relieved from the problems that torment her.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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