Spell for personal and spiritual protection

spell for spiritual protection

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel lost and spiritually abandoned? This spell is for you.


Free yourself from the weight of negative energy. Discover a lighter path to happiness.

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It is normal that there are moments in our lives when we feel stuck and lost in time and space. It seems that our life is walking backward and we can’t set ourselves free from this emotional, and spiritual, prison in which we find ourselves.

This negative energy accumulated in our physical and spiritual body is a sign that needs an extra layer of protection. Have you considered that something is preventing you from overcoming failures and bad situations, something responsible is delaying your life? The spell in this article is a good practice to unblock negative energies and to start conquering your personal goals, without fears.

Spell for personal and spiritual protection: a new beginning

Start by drawing, on a sheet of plain paper, a circle, in yellow or orange. These are bright colors, which work in the sense of promoting the light, joviality, communication, and prosperity.

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After this, use six white simple candles and place them in a circle. Light them and place the paper with the drawing in the middle of the circle of candles. Go around the circle starting from the left repeating phrases of personal affirmation and protection. Ask that your negative energies may be set aside and destroyed, ask for positivity and protection.

Repeat the process, but now begin to walk the candle circle, on the right side. To finish, place a handful of coarse salt behind the main door of the house. Salt is a powerful ingredient, with properties that help ward off envy and the evil eye as well as purifying spaces.

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