Weekly Horoscope Cancer – January 6th to 12th

You can find some obstacles in your way during the next few days. Which means you’re going to have to make choices, both in personal relationships and in professional ones. Do not be afraid to restructure what you think is necessary and keep your feet and head grounded. Check the weekly prediction for Cancer – January 6th to 12th.


You will be a little more sensitive during this week, but do not stop relating to others. Do not isolate yourself. This is something that will improve, especially in the middle of the week, when the emotional balances with the rational.


It’s going to be a week of work with good energy. Especially in relationships with co-workers. Meetings and other team activities will be more productive than other more individual functions. Keep the protocol and do not let exacerbated emotions guide your work.


Be careful with receipts, budgets and unexpected expenses. Eliminate extra expenses. Getting away from the people who cause them can be a valid and necessary solution. They will leave room for more beneficial work relationships.


This week do something to feed the brain. Keeping this organ healthy, helps in keeping energy levels up. Bet on superfoods and vitamin supplements, and stay away from excess caffeine. It’s a good week for the evolution of psychic abilities.


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