Weekly Horoscope Capricorn – January 6th to 12th

The sign of Capricorn is in the height of their abilities and wills. The native has a full, secure and confident vision of what he wants. This applies to friends, family, professional and financial life. Those who can’t accompany this energy will be left off. Check the weekly predictions for Capricorn – January 6th to 12th.


Romantic issues are following the best possible path. Harmony and happiness are words of order, whether in a relationship or single life. It is a stable and safe period in this field of your life. Even if you feel you are losing energy, it may only be necessary to rethink the romantic strategy.


Impress colleagues and superiors by presenting well-founded data. Work on the big projects you have ahead safely. This is your week. You will feel the need to work during the weekend but avoid doing it to the fullest. Give priority to rest. Do not think about work during these moments.


The universe will contribute so that the communication of ideas is clear and objective. You will have the power to transform any situation into something that will benefit you tremendously. Be aware of the small opportunities that may arise.


Feeling wear and tear due to some labor issue is expected. Maintaining a positive attitude and practicing regular exercise are imperative practices to cope with stress. If you choose to start an exercise or diet plan during this period, you are much more likely to maintain it in the future.


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