Weekly Horoscope Leo – January 6th to 12th

An intense week at work is expected for the Leo natives. This is because the Sun ruler joins Pluto. This can lead to some reflection about your current work and the objectives you intend to achieve. You can follow the path of change, or choose to face the challenges that lie ahead. Check the weekly prediction for Leo – January 6th to 12th.


You know what you want and how to continue to achieve it. It’s going to be a good week, especially if you decide to give, rather than just receive. Choose to follow a more indirect and creative path, your other half will appreciate the effort. At the end of the week, you will be rewarded for the effort.


You will want to keep your options open during this week. Avoid managing the financial aspects of the projects you are working on, at least for now. Romantic creativity is also applied on the job level. Do not be afraid to expand horizons. The teachings can be very positive.


It can be a week complicated financially. The same principle that we apply at a professional level also has an impact on personal finances. New opportunities may arise to work on new, more profitable projects, but we must proceed with caution.


You will feel the need to be more disciplined as the week progresses. The body is asking for some control. It’s going to be easier than you expect, because you’re anxious to reap the benefits of the changes you’re going to implement.


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