Weekly Horoscope Taurus – December 30th to January 5th

The patience and calm of the Taurus native will be the strong point of the first week of the year. You will also feel some fatigue, but the enthusiasm of your partner or someone close will help to counteract any apathy. A situation that is going to be overcome quickly. Check the weekly horoscope for Taurus – December 30th to January 5th.


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The stars are favoring the natives of Taurus. Try to mark spontaneous plans throughout the week, such as lunches, unexpected visits and going to the movies, or send emails and romantic messages. At the end of the week some problems may occur that are beyond your control. Remember that a relationship must evolve organically, so don’t force anything.

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The week will begin with a need to mark territory in professional terms. Be careful with emotional responses. Do your best to think and react logically. If you have to work on weekends or holidays, avoid teamwork. It is preferable to complete the tasks that you can finish alone, because the following days can be busier when in the office.


Pay attention to the conversations that are going to happen around you. Unfortunately, since you’ll be more apathetic than usual, you may lose a good opportunity. Consider these moments as opportunities to learn something new. Be careful, because the state of personal finances affects everything that happens in the rest of the year. You never know where new ways of earning some extra money can come from.


This is a good time to transform your wellness routine. A new type of exercise, starting to introduce new foods in your diet, for example… Try to transform the apathy that you feel during this week into the golden opportunity to start the year in a positive way.

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