Weekly Horoscope Taurus – January 6th to 12th

Earlier in the week, the influence of Venus in Sagittarius gives Taurus natives a new motivation at a professional and financial level. This is because Venus is the ruler of the Taurus native. You will also notice that your relationships are more harmonious and enter a more stable phase. Consult the weekly predictions for Taurus – January 6th to 12th.


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The week starts in an excellent way. It is normal that the strong romantic energy may suffer some decline during the remaining days, so take advantage of Monday. Do not get carried away by the strange habits of your new love interest. Remember that you are still getting to know each other.


The week may begin with the need to assume a leadership role. Your energy will eventually infect other colleagues. This will greatly benefit teamwork. Take this week to work on long-term projects and do not let yourself be affected by excessive pressure.


You’re being quite careful, as far as money is concerned. Your safety is important, so it is also important that you protect it all the costs. Enjoy teaching the people closest to you how to be financially responsible.


Use your imagination to stay healthy and fit. Before and during physical exercise, make sure you are visualizing what you want to do and convince yourself what you are going to achieve. You are in a phase where this practice will improve your performance. Be honest with yourself.

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