Are you working from home? 5 suggestions to purify space

working from home

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? Use some feng shui tips to purify space and learn how to improve your productivity.


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By being someone who works from home, you have the freedom to decorate and organize your space without the interference of others. By making some improvements to your workspace, you are contributing to increased productivity and quality of your work. Especially if you are into the purification of space.

We leave you some tips, related to feng shui and other chains of organization, which can help you. Make your workplace beautiful and functional, even if it‘s at home.

How to purify the workspace at home?

  1. Give privilege to storage objects

When choosing desks, bookshelves, and other objects, choose the ones that also have space to organize and arrange papers, books, cables, electronic devices, and other office supplies.

You should get what you need and throw away everything you don‘t need anymore. These objects hold negative energies. Messiness is synonymous with laziness.

  1. Keep everything clean

Leave space between objects by keeping drawers and document folders closed. Keep only the objects you need on your desk.

If the desk is clean and organized, you can work carefully and relaxed, while feeling more inspired. Get rid of everything that is broken, without possible repair.

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  1. Choose natural materials

For example, the best material for your desk is wood. It transmits strength, stability and confidence. Metal is an unadvised material because they are energy conductors. Glass can be used in combination with wood, as it transmits transparency and mental agility.

Desks with rounded corners are also the best option, because they let creativity and positive energy flow.

  1. Use plants in decoration

As we have already realized, plants are an essential element to have at home, according to feng shui. They are extremely useful for purifying the workspace. They help us to keep in touch with Nature. Green plants are particularly useful because they enhance our creative power, stimulate creativity and the production of new ideas.

  1. Make a correct arrangement in the room

For example, the back of the chair you sit on should never face a door. It gives us a feeling of protection and security. Place your table so that none of the corners point towards you, or avoid the corners by changing the position of your body.

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