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Astrology and the Zodiac

Whatever the date of your birth, the presence of the Sun highly influences the twelve zodiac signs. Strongly connected to ancient myths, the signs are linked to a series of characteristics, attributed to them throughout thousands of years.
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What are the zodiac signs?

Astrology is a self-knowledge study born of the association between planetary motion and human behavior.

More than Signs, Astrology is a set of complex calculations that determine a system where you are the center and the surrounding stars are interconnected. This system is generated from the date, time and place of your birth. The closer you get to the exact moment you came into the world, the more accurate your analysis will be.

Astrology exists in the early scriptures, even before there were written traces of antiquity. Proof of this is that records of his studies can be found in the ruins of almost all ancient civilizations.

From the twentieth century, astrology gained new perspectives, aligning itself with psychology. This improvement has allowed us to create analyzes that are increasingly directed to our daily lives, without losing the essence and wisdom of over six thousand years ago.

Nowadays, astrology, and more particularly the signs of the zodiac, are welcomed by people who identify with the element of the zodiac that corresponds to them and trace their daily life and future from their characteristics and what about each of the 12. It is written and easily incorporated into the lives of people who choose to believe in the power of astrology.

How do the signs and astrology work?

Astrology finds its basis and foundation in the holistic approach, stating that all things in the universe and life are interrelated.

If all things are connected to each other, the position of the planets that correspond to each particular person at any given time at birth will dictate something relevant to consider their personality and life.

After identifying the sign of the Zodiac it is also possible to identify: the ascendant, the decanate, the number (…) that corresponds to it as well.

How are Astrological readings and predictions performed?

Astrological analyzes are made from the positions that the planets occupied at the exact moment of a person’s birth.

This is usually considered in relation to a person, however, it may also be related to a specific date that relates to an event, the start of a project or the like.

The interpretation of these positions is made by the astrologer. The astrologer uses the astral chart, considering the day, month, year, time and place of birth of the profile to be analyzed, to try to understand its nature through the celestial positions.

The record of the celestial positions is represented in the astrological mandala. From there, it is possible to calculate the aspects that form between planets, houses, and signs to generate the analysis.

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