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From June 21st to July 22nd

According to Astrology, the main features of cancerism are shyness and the protection of those who love the most. These two personality traits strengthen the reference to the crab, which is an animal that hides in its shell. This symbology has a mythological origin and is associated with the god Hercules. One of the twelve works of Hercules was to take care of the Hydra. When Hercules was about to perform this work, the queen of Olympus Hera sent a giant crab to prevent the success of the demigod Hercules. In the end, Hercules succeeded in cutting off the various heads of the Hydra, taming it. As a thank-you for trying to help, Hera placed the crab among the constellations. Want to know more about this sign? Keep reading.

Milky white

The sign of Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign, placed between Gemini and Leo and it´s associated with Cancer constellation.

Of all the signs Cancer is the most maternal one. They usually have such sweet personalities and are very romantic. The treasure their memories and souvenirs a lot. Furthermore, they are extremely close to their family and love being at home.

Their intuition is strong and their first impression to whoever surrounds them is nice, sentimental and very creative but it can be a bit selfish sometimes.

They care about their financial health and know exactly how not to waste too much money. Their memory is sharp and they apply it daily.

  • Cancer famous: Princess Diana, Lionel Messi, Ernest Hemingway, Prince William and Selena Gomez.

Cancer and Love:

The natives of this zodiac sign are sensitive, romantic, passionate and tend to be act a bit extremist: they usually love deeply or hate being around their loved ones.

Female cancer has a strong maternal instinct and the male is very protective and tends to be a bit possessive.

  • Most compatible zodiac signs with Cancer: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The House of Cancer:

For the Cancer natives, their ideal house is a quiet place that allows them to feel secure and calm, like a little farm away from the city noise. They are very close to their memories, they don’t throw things away easily. In decor, they prefer quality to quantity, so usually they have a lot of traditional and fancy objects.


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