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The Capricorn symbol was born in ancient astrology. It is represented as a mixed figure, half goat (head), half dolphin (fish tail). It means the earth and the water: the earth that shapes the human being, so that it can evolve and the water, the spoil necessary for its rise to a higher level. The tension between the two energies conveys the personality duality of the natives of this sign. Tough and fearless, Capricorn seems to have an inexhaustible source of energy. Never give up his goals. If this is not the right time to move forward, wait. Later he will try again. Ambitious and owner of a great willpower, he is always ready for combat. Do not be intimidated and refuse a good confrontation.

Navy Blue / Brown
Black Tourmaline

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, conducted by Saturn, is associated with the constellation Capricorn. The people of this sign are correct, resistant and fighting. They are not intimidated by the difficulties of life or the pressure of others. Prepared to live in hostile places, they stand firm and balanced, even at great cost.

The natives of the Capricorn sign have a complex character. They have a calm, controlled appearance and are rarely shaken by problems. They are intelligent, hardworking and detail oriented people. Thorough and perfectionist, Capricorns are not satisfied with little and patiently usually achieve their goals.

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They like to be seen as “the person who does the right thing.” When they lack self-confidence, they may resign themselves to a position of inferiority. But whatever their task, it is performed with rigor and perfection. The natives of this sign have an extraordinary sense of humor and a great tendency to grumble…

Presence and personality of the Capricorn sign

Capricorn people have huge potential for success. All their personal characteristics make them never give up on their plans. From their life project. There is no obstacle or opinion that drives them away. After pointing to the goal, they can only climb. Speed ​​does not matter. Step by step, stone by stone, the natives of this sign continue on their way. As focus and resistance.

Prudent and methodical, this sign carefully evaluates situations before deciding. This is as present when making a work-related decision as it is in love relationships. After studying the circumstances and evaluating the different scenarios, they decide what to do.

Patience is another of its most obvious characteristics. At work, in family, with children, the Capricorn natives always seem calm and peaceful. Even in the most serious and formal situations they can get away with a typical joke of dark humor.

Capricorn and Love

In love, Capricorn is controlled and takes some time to recognize that he is in love. When they finally accept that they are in love, they commit to life. To be happy in a relationship, they need, above all, security, mutual respect and harmony. Life is already hard enough out there to wage war at home, in privacy.

They are pragmatic and dedicated lovers, even analyzing all parts of the relationship before moving on to a more serious commitment. This is not a negative trait because they are very dedicated friends with a keen sense of humor. However, they have a hard time forgiving those who hurt them and forgetting their bad times.

The Capricorn woman

The native of this sign can be both adventurous and fearless as well as appearing fragility and serenity. Her goals are safety, authority, respect and position. Marriage is a very serious matter. A commitment, a relationship of strength, an alliance that must be signed for life. If not, this woman does not risk it.

Sincere and faithful, the woman of this sign is not given to great manifestations of love. However, when she commit herself, does it wholeheartedly. Dedicated to her family, she will do everything in her power to protect and give her children a good living. However, it will always retain its character of rigor and demand.

The Capricorn man

Like the Capricorn woman, it is difficult for him to express his emotions. Controlled, he will rarely say the word “I love you.” But when he does, it is completely true. Marriage is faithful for him. Extra marital adventures are out of his vocabulary. Dedicated to his work and improving the family’s economic conditions, he may seem distant and cold.

It is a pleasant, intelligent and well-disposed company. After some time together, with time and patience, he will make people laugh at the little things. Praise and sympathy. Capricorns may look allheaded, but it is pure illusion.

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Capricorn in Family

The distant, serious and authoritarian character can make the children of Capricorn parents feel some emotional withdrawal. However, parents of this sign are enthusiastic about the success and evolution of their children. Whether on school assignments or extracurricular activities, they may not have time to be there but will always have a word of encouragement to cheer up their children.

The rigor and discipline of these parents may be causing problems later in life. Being certain that the rules are fundamental for child development, it is necessary to know how to recognize that each child has a personality of their own. It is not easy for Capricorn parents to give this freedom and openness to their children. This can result in increasingly rebellious conflicts and behaviors of children.

Capricorn at Work

Capricorn natives have well-defined goals and ambitions, reflecting an attraction to challenging proposals. The honesty and responsibility with which they face challenges are highly valued. They strive to reach their goals, no matter how much effort it takes. They are held in demanding, complex and responsible positions.

They follow the rules and are happy in the organization, with structured schedules and well-defined hierarchies. One of the symbols of the sign is the goat, which represents this innate ability to always climb toward the top. There is no obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. There is no one who can stop it from advancing, with an eye on conquest.

Capricorn’s traditional and conventional stance is present in all aspects of working life. They are also patient and like to wait for the best opportunities.

Particularly related to the Capricorn are the scientific jobs, such as mathematician or biologist, which require rigor, analysis and management: accountant or administrator. Jobs related to land and construction, such as architect or contractor, are also associated.

The words that define the Capricorn sign

All Zodiac signs have a Positive Way and a Negative Way. Knowing the main characteristics associated with each one of them is a way of increasing self-awareness but also of helping to understand the native Capricorn.

Positive Way

  • Honesty
  • Recognition
  • Responsibility
  • Good mood
  • Maturity
  • Professionalism
  • Seriousness

Negative Way

  • Depressions
  • Authoritarianism
  • Avarice
  • Charges
  • Flattery
  • Frustrations
  • Coldness

What the Sagittarius sign dislikes

  • Lamentations
  • Precipitation
  • Nervousness
  • Hysteria
  • Delays
  • Irresponsibility
  • Sloppiness
  • Breaking the rules
  • Lack of recognition
  • Hesitation
  • Lack of professionalism

Famous people of the Capricorn sign

  • Michelle Obama was born on 17th january 1964. American lawyer and writer, she is the wife of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the 44th First Lady of the United States, being the first Afro-descendant to occupy the post.
  • Isaac Newton was born on 4th january 1643, and died on 31st march 1727. He was an English astronomer, alchemist, natural philosopher, theologian, and scientist, most recognized as a physicist and mathematician.
  • Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was born on 9th january 1982. She is the Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

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